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E. Jahnke: Dinglers Polytechnisches Journal. Bd. 334. Berlin W, 1919.


Creator:Deutsches Textarchiv (Dingler)
Date of creation:2022-09-26
Name of collection:Dinglers Polytechnisches Journal


Object description

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Title:Dinglers Polytechnisches Journal : Band 334, Jahrgang 1919
Editor:Dingler Online – Das digitalisierte Polytechnische Journal
Publisher:Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Deutsches Textarchiv (Dingler)
Jägerstr. 22/23, 10117 Berlin

Die Textdigitalisate des Polytechnischen Journals stehen unter der Creative-Commons-Lizenz CC BY-SA 4.0.

Original document

Title:Dinglers Polytechnisches Journal : Band 334, Jahrgang 1919
Editor:Eugen Jahnke (↗GND)
Edition: First edition
Publisher:Richard Dietze, Verlagsbuchhandlung
Place:Berlin W
Provided by:SLUB Dresden


All soft end-of-line hyphenation has been removed. All hard hyphenation coded as U+2010.

No text-decoration elements were captured, such as decorated capital letters at the beginning of chapters or text-separators.

All references to printed sheets were captured.

As far as possible all errata-lists printed in the journal have been realised, using the element orig to mark the original text and corr to mark the correction given in the errata-list.

All passages set off by quotation marks were marked by the element q including the quotation mark inside the tag. In case of repeating quotation marks in front of each line, only the first and the last quotation mark was obtained. And the element q's @type-attribute was set to the value „preline”.


Historical German text source digitized for the project “Dingler Online – Das digitalisierte Polytechnische Journal”.

Language:Neuhochdeutsch (de)
Language:German (de)
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