The CLARIN service center of the Zentrum Sprache at the BBAW

The CLARIN service center of the Zentrum Sprache at the BBAW

The web services provided by the CLARIN-D-service center at the BBAW (Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences) are linguistic computer programs intended for automatic analysis and annotation of German texts. Additional web services provide machine-accessible interfaces to the center's corpora and linguistic databases. Services of both types are used in the daily lexicographic and linguistic work at the BBAW.

Most of the BBAW web services can be applied and combined with a range of software from other CLARIN-D service centers.

Such integration of diverse web services can be accomplished for instance by means of the computional linguistic work environment WebLicht.

Many applications for the web services can be found on the website of our Shibboleth service provider. Use of these requires a Shibboleth account, such as provided by many academic institutions via the authentification and authorization infrastructure DFN-AAI. Alternatively, CLARIN-D users can obtain an account via the central CLARIN-IDP. Users of international AAI-Services participating in CLARIN can gain access via the federation of CLARIN service providers.

The following web services are accessible, among others:

  • dependency parser
  • part-of-speech tagger (…more)
  • named-entity recognizer (…more)
  • DWDS word profile (...more)
  • normalization of historical orthography, linguistic analysis of historical
    texts (…more)
  • corpus query (… more)
  • dlexDB-query (dlexDB is a database for psycholinguistic research …more)

An overview of the web services provided by the BBAW can be found in our repository.