The CLARIN service center of the Zentrum Sprache at the BBAW

The CLARIN service center of the Zentrum Sprache at the BBAW

The Zentrum Sprache at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences is part of a long tradition of lexicographical research. At the CLARIN-D service center of the BBAW long-term archiving of all lexical resources created here is carried out and the resources are made available to the public. Each of these resources contains a rich metadata description and is provided in acknowledged standardized formats.
The lists of keywords - enriched with grammatical information - can be accessed freely via the repository:

  • The DWDS as contemporary explanatory dictionary is extended continuously in the course of a long-term project at the BBAW. It currently comprises more than 130,000 entries (… more).

  • The Dictionary of the Contemporary German Language (Wörterbuch der Gegenwartssprache, WDG, 1952-1977) as a general monolingual explanatory dictionary is the most important basis of the currently created DWDS dictionary (… more).

  • The Etymological Dictionary of the German Language (Etymologisches Wörterbuch, EtymWB) was created during the 1980s under the direction of Wolfgang Pfeifer. It includes more than 22,000 keywords and is supplemented and revised continuously until today (… more).

  • The first edition of the German Dictionary (Deutsches Wörterbuch, 1DWB, 1854-1960) of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm is the most comprehensive historical dictionary of the German language (… more).

  • The lexicographic database developed in the course of the dlexDB project contains information about the frequency of words, about words co-occurring with significant frequency (collocations) as well as about the distribution of frequency of sub-lexical units – from syllables down to letters. It is an important tool for the preparation of scholarly experiments in the field of psycholinguistics (… more).

All dictionaries listed above can be searched online via the website of the DWDS project (
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